General Information


Prices are per square foot and are calculated to 1/100 of an inch.
All Doors and 5-piece Drawer Fronts: 1 sq. ft. minimum when pricing.
Solid Drawer Fronts: 1/2 sq. ft. minimum when pricing.
There are NO minimum invoice charge.

Material Thickness:

13/16” Thick: standard
3/4” Thick: no upcharge
7/8” Thick: add 10% to sq. ft. price
1” Thick: add 20% to sq. ft. price
Due to cutter limitations some cope and stick option cannot be made with 1” material. All miter profiles are available in the above thick-nesses.
When ordering a non-standard thickness please consult with customer service in order to assure that the product is produced to your satisfaction.

Glass Ready Doors and Mirror Frames:

Wood stops available for Glass Ready doors: add $3.00 per door.
Hafele clear vinyl glass retainer available for Glass Ready doors: add $3.00 per door. Standard Glass Ready doors are produced without stops.
Stile and rail stock can be molded without groove for panel if needed for mirror frames. Mirror frames without groove can be built as mitered frame only.


Doors are manufactured to the nearest 1/16 of an inch.

Exact Sizing:

If tighter tolerances are needed please note Exact Size when placing the order and the order will be manufactured to nearest 1/32 of an inch: Add 5% to sq. ft. price.

Center Rails:

All 5 piece doors over 50 inches in height require a center rail to be guaranteed.
Special center-rail placement requires a detailed drawing showing the measurement from the bottom of the door to the top of the center rail. Pricing for a special placement of center rails will be determined after drawing is reviewed.

Arched Center Rails:

When ordering arched doors that require a center rail, an arched center rail can be requested with no additional cost in
place of a square center rail.
PC6 (3/8”) Panel:
Our PC6 panel can be used in place of any plywood. It will be used where plywood is not available, such as knotty oak, knotty hickory, clear pine, etc. Add 5% to sq. ft. price.

V-Groove Options:

V-Grooves can be added to most door styles. Standard v-grooves are 1”, 2”, or 3” on center. Other increments can be requested, additional charges will apply. See page #33 depth options and pricing.

5 Piece Drawer Fronts:

Top and bottom rails on cope and stick doors are 1 1/2” wide. The stiles are the width of the stiles on the door.
Mitered doors the stiles and rails are 1 3/4” wide.

Solid Drawer Fronts:

The minimum size can be 2” X 4” depending on the edge cut. Drawer Fronts over 2 sq. ft. are not guaranteed against twisting and warping.
Solid drawer fronts with routed designs available. See page #30 for designs and pricing.

Lazy Susans (Cope and Stick) Doors:

Lazy Susans are priced the same as the door style and wood type you are ordering. If indicated as a Lazy Susan it will be built with one stile 3” wide instead of our standard 2 1/4” width, and that stile will have a square outside edge. On arched doors, indicate which side is to have the wider stile, left or right, when looking at the front of the door. There is no up-charge for Lazy Susan doors.

Lazy Susans (Mitered) Doors:

Option 1: order two doors with a #4 edge (square) on one stile of each door.
Option 2: order one door oversized, this will allow you enough room to cut it in half and miter for reassembly. Must specify no pins: add $20.00 per door.

Specialty Doors:

Detailed drawing required for all specialty doors. Pricing will be determined after drawing is reviewed.
For Appliance Panel pricing and options please call for pricing.
Wainscot or Multiple Panel Doors are available, please call for pricing.

Ordering Guidelines:

Orders may be faxed, or emailed 24 hours a day.
We accept computer generated cut lists. If sending this type of cut list it is the customers responsibility to separate all the different door styles and material types. All instruction should be communicated in a clear and organized manner.

All orders for both doors and drawer fronts must be ordered as width x height.
All doors and drawer fronts must be ordered as singles, in finished size only. This process helps to prevent errors and misunderstandings.
Lead time is 5 to 10 working days. Specialty doors may require additional time to complete. Lead time will be given after drawing is re-viewed.

You will always receive an order confirmation with a delivery date. Always double-check everything, especially the heading. If there is an error in the heading information the entire order will come to you incorrect. Production will not begin until you have signed and approved the order as correct. If you do not receive an order confirmation within 24 hours please contact customer service. Do not resend the order until you have contacted customer service to avoid a duplicate order. If your customer service representative asks you to resend the order please indicate—RESENT ORDER—DO NOT DUPLICATE.

When faxing an order and a transmittal error occurs contact customer service before re-faxing in order to avoid duplicate orders.
When requesting a quote, please indicate so by writing QUOTE ONLY in large print on the order. Usually a quote will be faxed or e-mailed to you within 2 – 3 hours. If the order is exceptionally large or has special requests it may take longer. Quotes are valid for 30 days from receipt.

Changes to orders— Changes to a standard order must be made on the day the order is placed. Changes made the day after will be assessed a $15.00 administration fee plus a pro rated charge for the amount of work completed of at least 25%. Two days after the order is placed NO changes can be made. Changes will be considered a new order and handled as such.
Changes to a rush order will not be accepted. If changes need to be made the order will be canceled, pro rated charges and administration fees assessed and a new order will need to be placed.
Changes may change your completion date.

Packaging, Delivery, and Freight:

Handling charges for shipments are $0.95 per piece. This charge applies to all orders.
Shipping fees and any unpaid balance must be paid before your order will be shipped.

Shipping times can be expedited upon your request, via FedEx or UPS Next Day or 2 Day. However this will significantly add to the cost of shipping your order. Will-call orders can be picked up at our factory at 910 N Chennault Parkway Payson AZ 85541. Will-call hours are 8AM-4PM Mon-day thru Thursday. 8AM-3PM on Friday.

Orders can be delivered on our truck for a minimum $25.00 fee. This delivery fee may increase depending on location and circumstances.

Shipping Damage Claims:

DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT AND SEND BACK TO CARRIER. Accepting of the shipment is the first step in replacing the damaged product. We apologize ahead of time for the inconvenience this will cause.
Any damage to outer packaging must be noted on the bill of lading and brought to the attention of the carrier.
Take pictures of all the damaged exterior packages and keep all packaging material. Photos of damaged product and packaging are required to file a claim. Only sending a photo of the damaged product is insufficient information.

Contact customer service immediately and submit all the information in order to file a claim. Do not throw away packaging until the claim has been resolved.

Terms of Sale:

Our standard terms are 50% deposit upon placement of order with balance due upon delivery.
If you prefer, Master Card, Visa, or Discover Card are accepted, and can be easily handled over the phone.


All doors and drawer fronts are warrantied against war-page or twisting for a period of one full year, provided they are within the maximum or minimum sizes that are warrantied. Certain door styles will not be warrantied under any circumstances. A signed disclaimer will be required before the order is produced.

To qualify for a warranty the following conditions must be followed: Raw doors must be stored in an enclosed area and not be subject to abnormal heat, cold, dryness, humidity, or direct sunlight. Raw doors must not be stored in damp areas such as freshly plastered buildings, open garages, recently tiled counters or floors etc. Doors must be completely finished on all 6 surfaces (front, back, top, bottom, and both sides) with equal amounts of sanding sealer and top coat. All doors must be finished in a timely manner.

No structural impairment has taken place due to hardware placement, mishandling, or abuse.
A warp or twist that does not exceed 3/16th of an inch is NOT considered a defect.

Any variation from the normal construction specifications is not warrantied i.e. reducing the thickness of the panels or frames.
The extent of this warranty is to the replacement or repair of doors, or drawer fronts in their unfinished (raw) state. The Door Stop’s liability under this warranty is limited to the net invoice price of the doors as sold by us. No other warranties of any kind are expressed or implied.Product Care Guidelines:

Due to the natural properties inherent in wood products and the tendency of all wood products to react to changes in climate, wood will expand and contract. All wood products should not be subject to abnormal heat, cold, dryness, humidity, or direct sunlight. All wood products must not be stored in damp areas such as freshly plastered buildings, open garages, recently tiled counters or floors etc.

Doors must be completely finished on all 6 surfaces (front, back, top, bottom, and both sides) with equal amounts of sanding sealer and top coat. It is recommended that all wood products should be treated with a pre sealer (wood conditioner) when using medium to dark stains to prevent a blotchy or uneven finish. All doors must be finished in a timely manner.
Extra sanding steps will need to be performed when using darker stains, paints, and/or glazing applications.

The Door Stop Commitment:

The Door Stop is a family owned corporation with a commitment to provide an ever increasing level of quality to the cabinet shop owner. This commitment has guided our growth to this day, and The Door Stop sets a welcome standard in quality and fair pricing to the Cabinet Industry. The fact that we have been in business since 1984 and have survived the economic “ups and downs” assures the cabinet shop owner that we will be here to supply him/her with a superior quality product in good times and bad. You can count on The Door Stop for your needs both today and tomorrow, come rain or shine.
Our lumber is dried and color-sorted to our exacting specifications, so you can expect consistent quality from day-to-day and from year-to-year. We purchase our lumber from the regions known for the best color and highest quality. Our oak comes from the “glacial” regions of Wisconsin, our Maple from the Northeast, our Cherry from Pennsylvania, our Pine from New Hampshire, our Alder from Oregon, and our Ash from the Deep South.

Our extensive equipment inventory allows us to produce doors while reducing production costs, and maintaining a superior level of quality. This cost saving is the reason our products consistently save our customers money.
Our company philosophy is to make a superior product and sell it for a fair price and a fair profit. We would like to be a part of your future and would appreciate your business.

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